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Aprilaire 4897 Competition Upgrade Frame Kit Product Description and Installation Assembly
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the AprilAire 4897 Frame Kit, for non Aprilaire air cleaners. Measuring 16x25, or 20x25. Included in the kit are two frame bases, four frame supports, one door label, and detailed installation instructions. This kit allows you to upgrade to an Aprilaire MERV 13 filter, replacing the existing filter media, or collector cells. By upgrading an existing disposable filter, you can improve the filtering efficiency and store five or more AprilAire filters, in the same space as one of the original filters, or, if you're replacing electronic collector cells, you'll no longer need to clean the cells on a monthly basis. When installing in a 16x25 size unit, you'll need to purchase the 613 filter media, and for the 20x25 size units, you'll need to purchase the 813 filter media. These filters are not included with the frame kit. 


Installation is easy, here's how. In the following section, I'll be installing the frame kit in a Honeywell electronic air cleaner. This frame kit can also be installed in Carrier, Lennox, Ultra Vision, General Aire, or Trion electronic or media style air cleaners, measuring either 16x25, or 20x25. Be sure to turn the power off, before performing any maintenance. 


Now that the power is turned off, we're going to remove the door. Now we're going to remove the collector cells. And the second cell. Alright, now we'll take the prefilters out. This unit has post filters, so we're going to remove them as well. Now the air cleaner's empty. To remove the cell key, we're going to take a Phillips screwdriver, insert it into the socket. Back out the screw. And now, you have the cell key removed. Ok, let's put it all together, we have two rails and four adjustable arms. The assembly snaps together, one arm at a time. You'll notice that no tools are necessary to do this job. The other thing that's important, is to know that this rail goes in this direction, you don't want to install it upside down like that, because it will assemble that way, but it won't work inside the air cleaner. It must go facing this direction, so the little tabs are sticking down. Ok, so now it's all put together, we're going to install it inside the air cleaner. We've already removed the collector cells, prefilters, post filters, and even the little center cell guide. Now, this one needs adjusting slightly, because you'll notice that, there's a lot of play here. So, these wing nuts, get loosened up, just a little bit. There we go. We're going to extend it. Let's put it in there. Now, I'm reaching in, and tighten them up, just so we can get an idea of where they need to be set at. So we'll take this back out here. Turn it back around, cause we have the first set just right. There we are. Make sure that it's nice and tight now. There we are. Ok, now it's adjusted, we can slide it back in. And there we are. Once this is put together and installed in here, it stays in here, it does not need to come back out, ever. Now we're going to install the air filter media, inside of the cabinet. I like to drag the frame back out a little bit, so I can get better access to the rails. You'll notice on the filter media, printed on it is an arrow, that arrow is the direction of air flow, it should always point towards the furnace. That's the direction that the air is going through this, this way. So we'll start at the bottom, then the female will line up with the male rail. We'll get it on the track there. There we go. And slide it all in. Now, this filter media should be replaced, twice a year, if you have heating and air conditioning. If you only have heating, or you only have cooling, then the filter media doesn't really need to be replaced twice a year, once a year is fine, unless you have cats or dogs running around that lose a lot of hair. Now we'll put the door back on. Alright, we're going to want to leave the air cleaner power switch turned off, and also we're going to unplug the air cleaner to prevent it from accidentally getting turned on. Now the only thing left is to turn the power on to the furnace, and you're done. 


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