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Aprilaire 4040 Solenoid Valve Product Information and Installation
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Hi, I’m Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 4040 solenoid valve. It’s a 24 volt electrically-operated valve that turns the water on and off to your humidifier. It does not regulate the volume or amount of water- that is done by a separate item called the orifice.

Preinstalled inside of this valve, in this brass section here, is a strainer screen. That is used to filter the water before it gets in the valve, and catch things like sand and dirt which might plug up the valve. Now, this valve needs to be replaced roughly every ten years, more often if it fails, stuck open or closed.

Replacement is easy. Here’s how.
Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance. Before performing this service, it is necessary to shut off the water. Find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise until it stops.

We’ve already turned off the water, and disconnected the electrical. Now let’s remove the solenoid valve. We have a half-inch, and 7/16 inch wrench, as well as a Phillips head screwdriver. First thing we’ll do is loosen up the pipes. Now we’ll remove the mounting.

Now let’s install the new valve. It’s important that the arrow be pointing towards the feed tube. That’s the direction of the water flow. Let’s mount it to the unit first. Tighten up the screws. Now we’re ready to connect the water lines. Here’s the water inlet line. Make it hand-tight. And the feed tube. Now let’s snug them up. Now the only thing remaining is to connect the electrical.

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