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Hi, I'm Jay, and today we're going to go over how to do normal maintenance on an Aprilaire bypass style humidifier. Now, the humidifier happens to be mounted right up there, and that particular one happens to be a model 600. But really, all bypass humidifiers pretty much operate the same. So maintenance would be very simillar on all the other models. This particular unit has been set up with a digital style humidistat, that happens to be duct mounted, that's right here. And we're going to want to turn this to the lowest setting, on this model it's all the way to the left, and we're going to go ahead and turn off the power and the water to the furnace and then we'll go ahead and start working on our humidifier. Find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise, until it stops. 


Ok, here we are at the model 600 humidifier. We're going to take the cover off of it first. Now we've already turned off the water and power to this humidiier as well as the power to the furnace. So, the way this operates is water comes through this pipe, up, goes through the solenoid valve. It is metered at this point, there is a small orifice in here, at the end of this feed tube. The feed tube comes up here at the top, it's attached to the water distribution tray here, water trickles down, while this is running. The water is trickling down the pad, the excess water stays in this pad frame here, on what is called a scale control insert, the excess water stays in that, and at the bottom here is a little nipple, and it goes into that and down the drain here. And it's taken away. So, during normal operation while this humidifier is operating, there will be water trickling down this drain, now, because this is a bypass humidifier, you'll notice that there's a damper here, ok, it's in the winter position which is open, and if we flip it up to the center position, that closes it. Now we'll go ahead and pull this pad out and take a look at it. Alright, on this particular model the tube just slides right in to this little loop at the top, ok, so now we're all set, we can take this apart, take the pad out, throw it in the trash, rinse off the distribution tray and the pad frame or scale control insert, slide a new pad into it, snap it all back together, and re-insert it. Put the bottom in first, snaps into the top, and we're going to put the feed tube back into place. There we go, and we're going to open the damper back up, and put the cover back on. Now there's a snap latch on the top, and a little latch on the bottom, you want to make sure that they both snap in, otherwise the door will get blown off when the furnace comes on. Ok, so now we have the cover on, damper back open, which is in the winter position, we turn the water back on, turn the power back on, and test it. 



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