Video: Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner Troubleshooting

Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner Troubleshooting
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the AprilAire 5000 air cleaner. 


This one has a problem. You'll notice that the front on this particular model, there's a little blue light that's supposed to be right here. Some of the older models have a little green light that's supposed to be around here, now that indicator light should be lit, when the air cleaner is turned on, and plugged in. so, first thing you want to do is make sure the switch is turned on, go to the plug, unplug it, then plug something else into that outlet. That exact outlet. Just to make sure that outlet is live, so you can plug a radio or a lamp into it, and if it comes on OK, you've confirmed that there is power coming to that outlet. Then you can plug the air cleaner back in, turn the switch on, wait a couple of minutes, nothing happens, no lights lit, ok there's a problem. Now the problem could be the door, or more than likely, the problem is the air filter is shorted out and needs to be replaced, or the filter frame has problems. So, what we're going to do is figure out what's wrong with this one. So we're going to turn this off, unplug it. Now that it's unplugged, and turned off, we're going to take the door off, and slide the filter out. Ok, so we've removed the filter, we'll set this filter and filter frame on the side. Now we're going to put the door back on, turn the switch on, and plug it back in. Ok, the air cleaner is plugged back in, the switch is on, and the light is lit. A-HA. So, this door seems to be working properly, but it wasn't working properly with this filter and filter frame installed. So, first thing we're going to do with this filter frame is replace the filter, and in the process of replacing the filter we're going to wipe everything up, all the dust and the dirt off of this thing. Put a new filter in it, put it all back together, and put it in there. 


Alright, we're going to set it down with the pleat spacers up. There's little clips here, we're going to push these buttons in, and hinge the doors down. There's two tabs on each door. Ok. Now, next thing we want to do is remove the pleat spacers. These are a little bit tricky, but basically what you do is twist the edge right here and it comes out. So, we're going to twist each one, and then move the other side. Ok, all the pleat spacers are out. Now there is a plastic strip here that we're just going to lift up, and it has little snaps on it. Same on the other side. Alright, the filter itself is hung on two little hooks, there's one here, one here, one here, and one here. Two on each side. We'll set it off to the side. Set it into place. And if you look real close you'll see these little tabs here stick up, and on the cardboard edge of the filter there's a little slot here. for those four tabs. So we're going to slide that on there. Ok, so now we have all 4 on, and we're going to center this filter, that's about right. And we're going to snap this back down. Ok, that's in place. And we'll center the filter. Snap this back down. Ok, now, take out the ends, and they snap in. Two snaps on each side. There's two. And there's the other two. Ok, now the tricky part. Time to reinstall the pleat spacers. The pleat spacers, what you want to do is start with just one, in the center. You want to get one of these fingers, in between each of the pleats. So we're going to start here. I like to start on like an angle, and work my way in. So we're going to do one at a time here. Just so we can get these properly sorted. It's a little tricky the first time you do this. Ok, so there we go. So we have, one finger in between each pleat. So we're going to just kind of even out the filter a little bit. We're going to set this off to the side here. Now we didn't snap that in yet, we're going to take another one, and we're going to go right next to it, since we've taken the effort to get the spacing right, we're going to get that one right next to it. Bring it over here. Again just drop this one in right next to it. Since it's already lined up nice and pretty. There we go, now. Next thing we have to do is snap them in place. Just put them down gently and you'll hear a snapping sound. And the other side. There we go, now, everything is pretty good. Ok so now we're going to flip this thing over. Alright. The control electrodes are right here, we'll slide this off, and set it here. We'll move this to the side. Ok. The control electrode can either be vacuumed, with a brush head on a vacuum cleaner, or wiped down. We're going to wipe this one off. Ok. This one is rather clean because it's our demo unit. Ok, we'll set this on the side. Now, this is the ionizing wire frame. You're going to want to take a damp rag, and carefully wipe the dust from this assembly. You want to be careful, there are little piano like wires, these are called ionizing wires. They look like piano strings. They are very fine, and brittle so you don't want to push down on them, you'll break them. They are replaceable of course, but you want to try not to damage them while you're in here. Now you're going to wipe this down. Alright that's good. Now we're going to reinstall this one. Alright now when it gets to here it has to make contact with this metal piece. this is a ground clip so we want to push down on it carefully. 


Alright, so now that we have a nice clean filter in here, and we've cleaned it up, we're going to put this back in. So, we'll turn off the door.  Slide this back in. Aha. Ok, now with a new filter, and we've cleaned the filter frame, the light is back on. So what the problem was with this thing was a shorted out filter. Everything is working great. Now, if we put this back in here and the light still did not come on, but it came on with the filter out. Then there is still a problem, and the problem would have to be with the brand new filter, which is highly unlikely, or the filter frame has an issue. If that's the case, you'll want to turn the power off to your air cleaner, pull the frame back out, and look real closely at all of the electrical connections on it, and find out if they're is something happening where the ionizing wires are being shorted out. Now, if no matter what you do the light does not come on, and you know you have a live outlet, the filter is sitting here on the side, and the light just does not come on, 99 times out of 100, there is a problem with this door. And what you can do is either buy a new door, or we have a diagnostic testing service, where you can ship us a door, and we will bench test the door for you. to determine if it is good or bad. And that's it, that's how you diagnose an Aprilaire 5000 


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