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Aprilaire 4181 Scale Control Insert Pad Frame Product Information and Installation Assembly
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I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 4181 Scale Control Insert, commonly called a filter or pad frame. It is located on the inside of the humidifier, and surrounds the water panel. The purpose of the frame is to prevent mineral build up, inside the humidifier cabinet, and divert excess water to the drain. The distribution tray, on top of the pad frame, is available seperately. The pad frame should be replaced, every five to eight years, sooner if the frame is cracked or damaged. This item is also available as part of the maintenance kit for your model. 


Replacement is simple, here's how. Be sure to turn the power off, before performing any maintenance. Before performing this service, it is necessary to shut off the water. Find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise, until it stops. 


Alright, let's slide the water panel into the scale control insert. You'll notice that there's slots cut into it. They line up with the little tabs here. That snaps into place. Now we're going to put the top on it, which also snaps into place. And the assembly is now ready to be installed inside of your humidifier. 


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