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Aprilaire 58 and 60 Digital Humidistat Overview
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This is the model 58, digital humidistat. It comes with an outdoor air sensor, which is this, and also, a manual mode resistor. The manual mode resistor, when installed properly, as this one is, eliminates the need for installing the outdoor air temperature sensor. Now, in manual mode it will not know what the temeperature is outside, so we'll NOT automatically adjust the humiditiy setting up and down, as the temperature changes throughout the day and season. With the outdoor air temperature sensor, this sensor, when placed outiside, will see the outdoor air temperature, and send the appropriate signal back, through the wiring, to the humidistat so it can raise and lower the humidity setting, based on how cold it is outside. And that's actually a better way to do it, that's why they give you both. This is the preferred method, if for some reason you can't put this in, you can always use the manual mode resistor.  Now, this one again has a manual mode resistor installed on it, and we can see right here, it's telling us that the humidity in this duct work right now, in our video studio is 38%. And if we spin this up here, we get it to the point where, we are setting the humidity level higher than that 38%, we've just turned that humidifier on. So it's now running. Now one of the important things is, there is a "test" button here. So, if we spin this all the way around to the "test" mode, the test mode will force the humidifier to run for one minute. And what it's really good for, is checking out your humidifier. So when you do maintanence to your humidifier, even in the summertime, no matter what the humidity is, you can always spin it from left all the way to off, all the way up to test position, it will force, you see the light came on, it forces the humidifier on, it will run it for one minute. Now after that minute times out. It will start to blink, and the humidifier will no longer be running. So then what you have to do is spin it back around off, and back around on to get it to come back on. Now the other thing this position does is it says "test" or reset. There is a little light here that says "change water panel" that is not on right now, and what that light is for is it's basically a timer. So after so many hours of operation of this humidistat, telling the humidifier to run, it will bring this little indicator light on that says "change water panel." Now, it doesn't really know the water panel is bad, it doesn't know the humidifier is working, it doesn't know anything other than like an egg timer, after so many minutes, or in this case, so many hours, it will bring the light on. Now the way to reset that is each time you change your humidifier pad, you should come around to your humidistat, spin it all the way up, to the "test" or reset position, leave it in that position for about a minute or so, and if you happen to have your "change water panel" light on, when this is happening, it will time out and shut off, then you can, after a minute or two, spin it back to your normal setting.

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