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Aprilaire 501 Pleated Filter Media Product Video Installation Assembly And Routine Maintenance For Model 5000
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 501 Pleated Filter Media, designed for the model 5000 electronic air cleaner.


Detailed installation instructions are located on the back of the box. This filter is installed inside the plastic housing, within the air cleaner. The media cleans the air as it passes through the air cleaner. Removing the harmful particles that circulate through your home. New filter media is crucial for maintaining air quality and reducing the negative effects of allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice per year. Once in the heating season, and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please not, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often. Failure to replace your filter can result in reduced heating and cooling efficiency, high energy bills. Expensive repairs, or total equipment failure. 


Replacement is simple, here's how.


This is the Aprilaire 5000 Air cleaner, and we're going to change the air filter in it. First thing you want to do, is make sure the power is turned off to everything. Now let's take the door off. This happens to be a newer model. So the door comes off easily. Some of the older models are hinged to the side, and they have little locking pins on them. This one, again, is a newer model, and clips on the top. so, we'll set this off to the side, now we're going to slide off the filter frame. Ok, we're going to set it down with the pleat spacers up. There's little clips here, we're going to push these buttons in, and hinge the doors down. There's two tabs on each door. Ok, now, next thing we want to do is remove the pleat spacers. These are a little bit tricky. But basically you twist the edge right here, and it comes up. So, we're going to twist each one, then move the other side. Ok, there's one out. Ok, all the pleat spacers are out. Ok, there's a plastic strip here and we're just going to lift it up. It has little snaps on it. We'll do the other side. Alright, now the filter itself is hung on two little hooks, there's one here and one here. Two on each side. Ok, now we have our old air filter out, we're going to set it off to the side. Ok, here's the new filter. Let's set it in place. And, if you look real close you'll see these little tabs here, they stick up and on the cardboard edge of the filter, there's a little slot here so there's 4 of those and 4 tabs so we're going to slide that on there. Ok, so now we have all four on, and we're going to center this filter, that's about right, and we're going to snap this back down. Ok, that's in place, we're going to center the filter, snap this back down, ok. Now, take out the ends, and they snap in. Two snaps on each side. There's two, and there's the other two. Ok. Now the tricky part. Time to reinstall the pleat spacers. The pleat spacers... what you want to do is start with just one in the center. You want to get one of these fingers in between each of the pleats. So we're going to start here. I like to start like, at an angle, and work my way in. So we're going to do one at a time here. Just so we can get these properly sorted. It's a little tricky the first time you do this. Ok, so there we go. So we have one finger in between each pleat. So we're going to just even out the filters a little bit. We're going to set this off to the side here. Now we didn't snap that in yet, we're going to take another one and we're going to go right next to it and we've taken the effort to get the spacing right, we're going to slide that one next to it, bring it up over here. Again just drop that one in right next to it. Since it's already lined up nice and pretty. Ok. There we go. Now. Next thing you need to do is snap them into place. Just push them down gently, and you'll hear them make a snap sound. And the other side. There we go. Now, ok everything is pretty good. Now if you have an occasion where you accidentally, in the process of popping one of these out, snap the ends off, you can buy replacement pleat spacers. If you open yours up and find that your pleat spacers have ends broken on some of them. That's because you waited too long to change your filter, the filter got plugged, and the furnace was drawing against this filter so the air could not get through it so it popped the pleat spacer. It'll snap the end right off if you wait too long. This one doesn't have that problem, so all these pleat spacers are in good shape. Ok, so now we're going to flip this thing over. Alright the control electrodes are right here, we're going to slide this off, an dwe'll just set this here. And move this to the side. Ok, the control electrode can either be vacuumed with a brushead on a vacuum cleaner, or wiped down. We're going to wipe this one off. This one is rather clean because it's our demo unit. Ok, we'll set this on the side. Now, this is the ionizing wire frame. You're going to want to take a damp rag, and carefully wipe the dust from this assembly. You want to be careful, there are little piano like wires, these are called ionizing wires. They look like piano strings. They are very fine, and brittle so you don't want to push down on them, you'll break them. They are replaceable of course, but you want to try not to damage them while you're in here. Now you're going to wipe this down. Alright that's good. Now we're going to reinstall this one. Alright now when it gets to here it has to make contact with this metal piece. this is a ground clip so we want to push down on it carefully. There we go.



Now it's back in place. Now all we have to do is reinstall it. Now, on this furnace set up, you'll see the air cleaner is here, the furnace is here, the air is coming from your home, down here, makes a turn, goes through the air cleaner, into the furnace to get heated or cooled, and blown back into your home. So the direction of air flow is this way, ok, headed that way. The control electrode is the first thing the air goes through when it's coming through the air cleaner. It goes through the control electrode, then through the ionizing frame, then into the filter media, now the air is clean, and it will leave the air cleaner and go into the furnace. so, that's it. Now you'll notice a little arrow here that says air flow, again, it's headed that way. So, this is in. Let's put the door back on, and then we'll turn the power on, turn the furnace back on and check it. If it's working properly, this particular model, has a light behind here. Some of the older models have a little green light on them. When it's working properly, the green light, or blue light in this case, will be lit when the furnace blower is on, the light will stay on. If your light does not come on, or the light is blinking, there is a problem with your air cleaner. 



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