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Aprilaire 45 Humidifier Filter Water Panel Evaporator Pad Product Information and Installation
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I’m Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 45 water panel evaporator pad, also known as a humidifier filter. Detailed installation instructions are located on the back of the box. There are two included in each box. The water panel is located on the inside of your humidifier, installed within the pad frame.

It acts like a sponge, wicking water upward from the bottom of your humidifier. This moisturizes dry air in your home, reducing the negative effects of over-dry air: such as allergy and asthma symptoms, dry nose, itchy skin, cracked/warped wood floors or furniture, and static shocks.

Over the course of the heating season, minerals build up on the paper pad, reducing its ability to absorb water. Because it’s made out of paper, it is not cleanable, and must be replaced a minimum of twice per season - which is why two are included in each package.

Replacement is easy. Here’s how.
Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance.
Before performing this service, it is necessary to shut off the water. Find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise until it stops.

There’s no top or bottom to the water panel. Simply slide it into the scale control insert, like this. Here’s the distribution tray, this side here with a little loop must be on the same side as the floats. Snap this into position. Now we’re going to take the float cover, install the floats in it, snap it into position. There are two snaps, one on each side. They must be engaged. Again, there’s a little loop here that must face the same side as the floats. This side will now go towards the inside of the humidifier, this side will go towards the furnace or ductwork. The assembly is now ready to be installed inside of your Aprilaire humidifier.

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