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Aprilaire 4602 Ionizing Wire Product Video and Installation Assembly
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 4602 Ionizing Wire, made for Aprilaire model 5000 air cleaners, produced after May 2005.


Replacement is easy, here's how. Be sure to turn the power off, before performing any maintenance. 


Now let's take the door off. This happens to be a newer model, so the door comes off lessly. Some of the older models are hinged to the side, and they have little locking pins on them. This one again, newer model, clips on the top. So we'll set this off to the side. Now we're going to slide out the filter frame.


After removing the filter assembly from your Aprilaire 5000 air cleaner, remove the control electrode, and set it on the side. Ok, you'll notice that right here there are two little tabs, and there's also two over here. What we're going to want to do here, is take and press the black filter frame box away from the ionizer frame assembly so we can release these tabs. There we are, so those two are realeased and now we're going to pull it a little bit. There we are. Now all four have been released. We'll turn the ionizer frame assembly upside down, there we go. Alright, now here's where the ionizing wire should be. The ones missing, all the rest are in place. So we're going to get out our new ionizing wire, over here. And on each end, it has a little eyelet. So what we do is insert the eyelet in, turn it 90 degrees, and lock it into place. Now we're going to take and weave this wire underneath each of the cross bars. Alright, now all we have to do now is hook it on this tab. So we're going to grab the tab, pull it towards the ionizing wire a little bit, hook the eye onto the little hook, release it, and that wire is in place. Ok, so now we have all the wires in the place, let's turn this back upside down. And reinstall it. On the filter frame. There we go, alright. Let's install the control electrode. Alright, we have to push down on this tab here, to release the pressure. There we are. Alright, everything is back into position, now all we have to do is reinstall this assembly, inside of the air cleaner cabinet. 


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