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Aprilaire 413 Pleated Filter Media Product Information and Installation Assembly
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 413 Pleated Filter Media.


Detailed installation instructions are located on the back of the box. This filter slides onto the rails of your existing air cleaner cabinet. The media cleans the air as it passes through your air cleaner. Removing the harmful particles that circulate through your home. New filter media is crucial for maintaining air quality and reducing the negative effects of allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice per year. Once in the heating season, and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please note, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often. Failure to replace your filter can result in reduced heating and cooling efficiency, high energy bills. Expensive repairs, or total equipment failure. 


Replacement is easy, here's how. Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance. 


Alright let's change the filter. This is a new style air cleaner, this is an old style air cleaner. Now this one has been upgraded to use the new style filter, so we're just going to show you how this filter goes in, it's reall simple to do.


Pull the door off, the back of the door has the model number, and from that we can determine what air cleaner your paricular air filter takes. We'll set the door on the side, take out the old filter, an we'll take the new filter out of the box. Ok, there's an arrow on this thing, the arrow always points towards the furnace, that is the direction of the air flow. The air is always going towards the furnace, so if this air cleaner cabinet were installed right here, the air would be going that way so we're going to have the arrow pointing this way. Now I like to put these little plastic guides onto the metal rail. I like to do the bottom first, and then the top. I think it's easier. Ok, there's the bottom one, and we'll bring the top up, and slide it on. Put the door on, and we're done. It's that simple.



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