Video: Aprilaire 201 Pleated Filter Media Product & Installation Video

Aprilaire 201 Pleated Filter Media Product & Installation Video
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 201 Pleated Filter Media, designed for the models 2200 and 2250 media air cleaners.


Detailed installation instructions are located on the back of the box. This filter is installed inside the plastic housing, within the air cleaner. The media cleans the air as it passes through the air cleaner. Removing the harmful particles that circulate through your home. New filter media is crucial for maintaining air quality and reducing the negative effects of allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. The filter media is not cleanable and must be replaced a minimum of twice per year. Once in the heating season, and again in the cooling season. If your home only has heating, the filter must be replaced annually. Please not, if you have shedding pets, or live in a dusty environment, you will need to replace the filter media more often. Failure to replace your filter can result in reduced heating and cooling efficiency, high energy bills. Expensive repairs, or total equipment failure. 


Replacement is simple, here's how. Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance. 


This is the model 2200 Aprilaire air cleaner. There's a 2400 air cleaner that's slightly different size, it's a little shorter and a little deeper. But, as far as putting the filter in, that parts the same. The other part's are different, but installation is the same. Now, this particular door on this one is a generation 3. This is the newest style of the 2200 air cleaner, so it has a generation 3 door, it's held on by four little clips here. There's a generation 2 door. It looks like this, no clips on the back. It would go on like this on a generation 2 air cleaner. There would be big tabs at the top that would lift up, and also at the bottom. There's a generation 1 door. That is all steel. And it has two knobs, little nuts that come off. So, three different generations, they all use the same filter. So, let's slide out this filter cabinet. Alright, now there are four little buttons you have to push in. One there, and there, there, and there. We'll hinge these down. Now, we're going to take out the pleat spacers. These, you just gently tweet them a little bit, and pull. Ok. Now, sometimes the tabs break off of these. This little end here will break. If you find one of them broken, you're going to want to replace these. Only the ones that are broken, you don't need to replace all of them if only one of them is broken, just replace the one. If you find broken tabs, what ends up causing this usually, is the filter has gotten too dirty, you've waited too long to replace the filter, it is very important that you replace the filter every 6 months for most people, every 12 months for people that only have heating. If you have a dirty situation in your house with lot's of hairy pets running around, you may need to replace the filters more often. But again, if you find you have broken tabs, 99 times out of 100, that is caused by the filter has become too dirty. And it's a cascade effect, so if one tab breaks, quite often what happens is the next tab breaks, then the next one, and the next one, next one and eventually you get in here and you have five of them broken, and you'll end up deleting all of the pleat spacers. So, we'll set these on the side. Ok, now, there's a couple of different versions of this as well. This particular filter box is the newest style, although it hinges up like this. There was an older style, that used a piece of black plastic right here, that slid on, that sealed the end of this filter. That's a first generation version, that would slide on, then the pleat spacers would clip into it. Again, this is the newest version. so, we're going to take this filter out. Ok, we'll set it on the side, this filter is dirty. Alright, now, while you're in here what you can id is you can vacuum the seal here and here, these aren't so bad. But, if your seals are really dirty, or the inside of this is really dirty, you can go ahead and vacuum it off with a brush on the end of a vacuum cleaner. That's the easiest way to do it. You can wipe it down, but the vacuum brush is a whole lot easier. So let's put the new filter in. Alright, here's a brand new filter, part number 201. If you have a 2400 air cleaner, this would be a part 401. They look just the same as this. Alright, spread this out, ok. Now, on each end there's little pieces of cardboard strip, with two little holes in it. And there's a little tab, here and here, and two over there as well. First thing you do is, clip the cardboard on the little tab. There you go, so it goes through the little hole that's made for it. Ok, and now we're going to kind of center this filter, and latch it back down. Ok, make sure you get all the snaps snapped. There we go, I'll do the other side, and snap the cover. There we go. Ok, now we'll lift these sides up, and again, snap the little buttons in. Ok. Now it's time to put the pleat spacers in. And this is the tricky part. Take the first pleat spacer, and the trick to this is, you want to get one of these little fingers, in between, each of the pleats. So the easiest way to try to do that is not like this, that's just really difficult. If you do it on an angle, it's a lot easier. So, take the first one here and you're going to weave it through, like this, so I get one finger between each of the pleats. There we go. Ok, alright. So, we're going to set that one off to the side here. Now, because the rest are easy we're just going to drop these next to this one which has the pleats perfectly spaced. And we'll slide that into position. Alright, now we're going to snap these into place. Just push down on them gently. There we go. Ok, they're all snapped in, everything looks good here. Now we can reinstall this inside of the cabinet. Now, there's a track in here, and that's to stop you from putting this in the wrong direction, or backwards or upside down. so, the pleat spacers always go 

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