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Aprilaire 4335 Feed Tube Assembly Product Information and Installation
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I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 4335 Feed Tube Kit. The feed tube is located on either the bottom or the side of the humidifier, and is connected to the solenoid valve. The purpose of the feed tube is to supply water to the distribution tray. Included with the kit, are the feed tube, strainer screen, connector fittings, and preinstalled orifice. Over the course of time, chemicals from the water, and heat from your furnace, damage the plastic. Causing hairline cracks, and potentially, a water leak. Therefore, the feed tube must be replaced every five to eight years, sooner if the tube is cracked or leaking. This item is also available as part of the maintenance kit for your model. 


Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance. Before performing this service, be sure to shut off the water, find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise, until it stops. 


Grab the end of the feed tube with the orifice in it. Slide the brass nut on first, followed by the nylon ferrule. Be sure to have the ferrule with the skinny side facing towards the end. Now let's connect it. We start by inserting the feed tube into the solenoid valve, orifice end first. Slide it in, slide the ferrule forward. You'll notice on the ferrule, the pointy end is towards the solenoid valve. Slide the nut forward, hand tight. It's important to keep pressure on the feed tube to keep it inserted into the solenoid valve, otherwise it may back up. Now we're going to tighten that up, so now we're going to change the strainer screen. This is the incoming water line, the solenoid, and the feed tube. There's an arrow here, indicating which way the water flows through the solenoid valve. Here's the tools we'll need:


-7/16 inch wrench


-1/2 inch wrench


-Pair of needlenose pliers


-A common paper clip


Now, we're going to disconnect the water line. We'll loosen this up, pull the water line out of the way. Now we're going to take a paper clip, and straighten it out. Alright, that's straight enough. Now we're going to bend a small hook on one end of it. There we are. The small hook is going to be used to "catch" the strainer screen. we're going to slide it in like this to grab the old one. So, we're going to reach into the valve, grab the old strainer screen, pull it out, and dispose of it. Now we're going to take the new strainer screen, insert it into the solenoid valve, take the straight end of the paper clip, and use that to push the strainer screen into place. Now, all we have to do, is reconnect the water line, tighten it up, and there we have it, it's all done. Now the only thing you need to do is turn the water back on.


The feed tube material is rather stiff. On some models, it may be necessary to warm it up with a hair dryer to bend it. Be careful not to overheat it. Now let's insert the feed tube into the nozzle. Simply push it in, it's friction fit, no glue is required. 


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