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I’m Jay, and these are the various orifices used within Aprilaire humidifiers. Each color has a different size opening, specific to your humidifier model. The orifice is installed on the inlet side of the feed tube, which is attached to the outbound side of the solenoid valve. Its purpose is to regulate the correct amount of water onto the water panel.

Over the course of time, chemicals within the water, as well as the flow of water, enlarge the opening, causing excess water to pass through the orifice. This leads to wasted water going down the drain, or potentially causing water to overflow and leak into your furnace. Therefore, the orifice should be replaced every two to three years. This item is also available as part of a maintenance kit for your model.

Replacement is easy. Here’s how.
Be sure to turn the power off before performing any maintenance.
Before performing this service, it is necessary to shut off the water. Find the saddle valve, turn it clockwise until it stops.

You’ve already turned off the water line, so now we’re going to replace the orifice. It’s located here on the outlet side of the solenoid valve. We’re going to use a half-inch wrench to disconnect the feed tube. There’s the old orifice. Now we’re going to grab it with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Just squeeze it gently, and pull it out. Take the new one, and gently push it into place. Now we’re going to reconnect. Snug it up, and we’re done.

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