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Aprilaire 1213 Upgrade Kit and Filter Product Information Installation Assembly and Unboxing
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Hi, I'm Jay, and this is the Aprilaire 1213 Upgrade kit. For air cleaner models 2120. and 2200. Included in the kit is a 213 filter, two frame bases, four frame supports, one styrafoam door liner, one door label, and detailed installation instructions. This kit, replaces the inner housing. Eliminates the need for pleat spacers, and upgrades the unit to a MERV 13 air cleaner. an upgraded air cleaner, removes nearly twice the contaminants, compared to the old filter style. Improves performance by 65%, and makes future filter replacement much easier. 


Installation is easy, here's how. Be sure to turn the power off, before performing any maintanence. 


Alright, let's take the door off. and slide out the filter box. Alright, now, you're going to throw this whole thing away. We're no longer going to need it. So, let's get rid of this. Alright, let's get ready to open this up. And, instructions, you're going to want to save this, this is not packing, this is a styrafoam piece we're going to use behind the door. We're going to talk about this later though. Little sticker that says "you have upgraded your air cleaner," you're going to want to save that, that goes on the door. There's a new filter. And our frame assembly. Alright, we have two rails, and four uprights. Alright, these all snap together, no tools are necessary. so, these rails, there's no front or back, but there is an inside and an outside. Ok, so the part that goes inside, is here. This part here, goes outside. Because you want these rails here sticking in, because this is what the new filter is going to slide on to. so, we'll snap this together like this, and we'll turn it upside down, and put the next rail on, again, we need to be careful to put it in right, we don't want to put it in this way. It goes in, like this. Alright, so it snapped together, alright, now let's talk about this cabin for a second. You'll notice inside this cabinet, there are rails. Top and bottom, the rail goes from the front, all the way to the back. There's one here, there's another here. It's important that you have those rails, otherwise, you're not going to be able to do your upgrade kit. Older versions of this air cleaner, made prior to 1985, did not have the rails, they had little tabs sticking up in the air. So, no place to put this new rail system, so those units are not upgradeable. This is the newer version, it is upgradable. so let's slide this in here, slides onto the existing rails. Alright, your rail is on the other rail. Now, if you look real close here you'll see that there's two little tabs here. You're going to bend one of these down. This one is too long, this one is shorter so you're going to bend it down. The purpose of that is to stop this railing from coming back out. so there's one here, there's another short one here, and we're going to bend this one in. Ok, now,  grab this, we can't come out anymore, that's what those tabs do, it keeps it in there permanently. Now, let's get our filter out. Alright, here's our new filter. It has a little plastic track here, ok, it slides onto those rails. The other thing that's important, is the arrow. Now this happens to be a 213 filter, there's also a 413 filter, the 213 fits in this particular air cleaner. 413 fits in a different model. But, what's important is the arrow. Ok, it says air flow, with the arrow. The air flow is always towards the furnace. so, this is our demo unit, the air is coming from your home, comes down, goes through the air cleaner, gets cleaned, into your furnace, to get heated or cooled, and gets blown back into your home. So again, the arrow is going this way, which is the direction of the air flow. So, we have the little railing here, we're going to meet it up with these tracks.Ok, top and bottom are both in, and we slide into position. Ok, now, the only thing left is the door. This is where the syrafoam piece comes in handy. We'll take this little sticker off, and we'll get it out of the way. This door, has an uneven surface on the back side. You need a nice even surface, for this filter to line up against. That's why this is sent out. This snaps into position on the back of the door. Ok, now, this is only required on the 3rd generation air cleaner, which uses this style door. You'll notice that this little door has four little tabs on it, there's four little sockets here, and they meet up. Now, we're going to put this door on it, and I'll show you an older door. Alright, this is a generation two door. It already has a seal kit on the backside of it. It's a nice flat surface, so that styrafoam piece would not be necessary if you had that style door. In which case, you can throw the styrafoam piece away. So this door, mounts in a different manner, on this generation two style, there is a plastic latch on the top, that lifts up, and holds the door on. There's one on top and on the bottom. That's what holds this style door on. so, but this is a generation three door, it required the styrafoam filler, which we installed. And, so that air cleaner is all set up, last thing to do, is this little sticker, you're going to want to place this, on the front of the air cleaner, so that if any service technician happens to work on it, they'll see this thing, and they'll know that it uses the style 213, or 413 air filter, since it's been upgraded. And that's it, that's how you upgrade your air cleaner. 


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